The founders and their vision

The founders, Christian and Jeffrey met through their great passion for premium, quality brands and it was through their humble vision they saw what should define a quality brand, and the idea of REYIAN was born. To always stay humble in their deep calling to create and provide the world with great products, to share and enjoy throughout life, to challenge all stages between production and consumer in order to provide a great REYIAN experience, that is the pledge.

The name, what’s up with that?

The name REYIAN derives from the last letters in their separate names. JeffREY and ChristIAN. The logotype is an abbreviation of REYIAN. Swedish sustainable design Swedes are known for their emphasis on sustainability and functionality. Characteristics that permeates our whole organization when we take inspiration by our Nordic country near the arctic circle. Timeless and functional.

The price? Just right!

We at REYIAN believe the price is very favorable for the quality represented in our products. We may not be the cheapest, nor do we aim to, our pricing is a consequence of our founders’ vision in what a quality product should be and cost without overpricing. By selling our products directly to the customer online and avoiding many intermediaries, we can offer great quality products with unwavering quality.

Our constant aspiration for new heights of greatness

We will never settle and will continue to reiterate our products and services in order to always strive to newer heights. In keeping this commitment, we rely on our customers and their feedback. As any great relationship, communication should be a two-way street.

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